Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal


Research Department


SN Name Topic Year
1 Dr  Manisha Shrestha Evaluation of intrathoracic lesions by image guided fine needle aspiration cytology. 2016
2 Dr  Pramila Vaidya Histopathological analysis of tumors and tumor like lesions of colon and rectum. 2016
3 Dr  Bibek KC Diagnostic accuracy of squash cytology in central nervous system tumors 2016
4 Dr  Aasiya Rajbhandari Histopathological study of cutaneous granulomas 2017
5 Dr  Uma Bhatta Comparison of fine needle aspiration cytology and/or core needle biopsy findings with excisional biopsy

in breast malignancy

6 Dr  Anuja Bhandari Megakaryocytic alterations in bone marrow aspiration smears in thrombocytopenia 2017
7 Dr  Jwalanta Poudel Histopathological study of interface dematitis 2017
8 Dr Alina Karna Histopathological evaluation of neoplastic lymphadenopathy. 2018
9  Dr Arju Deo Histopathological evaluation of vesiculobullous lesions of skin. 2018
10 Dr  Daisy Maharjan Bone marrow examination in elderly patients at TUTH. 2018
11 Dr  Deepshikha Gaire Spectrum of oral cavity lesions , its clinicopathological correlation. 2018
12 Dr. Maya Bhatta Evaluation of histopathological features in Liver biopsies 2019
13 Dr. Prabin Gaire Histopathological analysis and Ki67 expression in Central nervous system tumors 2019
14 Dr. Amit Sharma Morphological typing of lymphomas with immunohistochemistry according to WHO classification at TUTH 2019
15 Dr. Smritee Mahat Spectrum of Lung and Pleural neoplasms and Application of Immunohistochemistry for diagnosis 2019
16 Dr. Sonafi Shrestha Role of p16 and Ki67immunostain in diagnosis of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in TUTH 2019
17 Dr. Ramesh Paudel Cd10 Expression In Urothelial Carcinoma Of The Urinary Bladder At Tuth 2020
18 Dr. Sanjib Pariyar Histopathological Evaluation Of Prostatic Lesions, Psa Correlation And Use Of P63 In Prostatic Adenocarcinoma MIMICKERS 2020
19 Dr. Madhu Sigdel Spectrum Of Congenital Hemolytic Anemia In Pediatric Patients In Tuth 2020
20 Dr. Sabita Bishowkarma Immunophenotypic Profile Of Acute Leukemia In Tuth 2020
21 Dr. Sansar Babu Tiwari Her2/Neu Expression And Helicobacter Pylori Status In Gastric Adenocarcinoma In A University Teaching Hospital In Nepal 2020