Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal

MNC Masters

S No. Koha No. Name Title Year
1 6952 Nabina Koirala Utilization of adolescent friendly services among college students in eastern Nepal 2074
2 6953 Pragya Gautam Lived experience if mothers of children having down syndrome residing in Kathmandu 2074
3 6956 Sita Sharma Psychological status and perceived level of Dyspnea in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patient attending in a referral level hospital 2074
4 6957 Sumita Tiwari Factors affecting antenatal care utilization among indigenous women in eastern Nepal 2074
5 6958 Saraswati Neupane Maternal and fetal outcome among teenage mothers admitted for delivery in a tertiary level hospital 2074
6 6965 Binu Gorkhali Anxiety and depressive symptoms among patients with thyroid disorders attending a tertiary level hospital of Kathmandu 2074
7 6968 Himal Shova Katel Perceived parenting style and self-esteem among adolescents studying in higher secondary schools 2074
8 6976 Urmila Shakya Lived experiences of adults with myocardial infraction residing in Kathmandu 2074
9 6977 Bebita Adhikari Determinants of left ventricular hypertrophy among hypertensive clients attending a cardiac speciality hospital 2074
10 6978 Kabita Lamichhane Knowledge and attitude regarding school health program among the teachers of Chitwan 2074
11 6980 Arati Pokharel Factors associated with discontinuation of exclusive breast feeding among mothers with infants in selected hospitals, Mid-western region 2074
12 6981 Elisha Joshi Predictors of depression among incarcerated women in central prison, Nepal 2074
13 6982 Ajita Sharma Factors associated with low birth weight in tertiary level hospital 2074
14 6984 Bijaya Ghimire Determinants of uptake of cervical cancer screening among women attending tertiary level hospital 2074
15 6985 Sabita Sharma Determinants of contraceptives usages among married women of reproductive age group in Chepang community 2074
16 6987 Chitra Kumari Tiwari Knowledge and practice of postnatal mothers regarding prevention of neonatal hypothermia in tertiary level hospital 2074
17 6990 Suvekshya Silwal Lived experiences of clients with total knee replacement residing in Kathmandu 2074
18 6994 Suna Laxmi Karmacharya Risk factors of neonatal sepsis among neonates admitted in tertiary level hospital 2074
19 6995 Sheela Thapa Health related quality of life of renal transplant recipients at a teaching hospital, Kathmandu 2074
20 7000 Deoki Saru Compliance with therapeutic regimen among heart failure patients attending in a specialized cardiac centre 2074
21 7001 Samjhana Shrestha Risk factors of intestinal parasite infestation among school children of selected government schools of Dhading 2074
22 7187 Adhikari, Suchita Health Related Quality of Life of Patient with Chronic Liver Disease in a Tertiary Hospital, Kathmandu 2075
23 7188 Shrestha, Man Kumari Life Satisfaction among Senior Citizens in a Community of Kathmandu 2075
24 7189 Mahajan, Ramila Psychological Status among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Attending in a Tertiary Hospital, Kathmandu 2075
25 7190 Mahato, Anju Kumari Lifestyle Patterns on Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease among Hypertensive Clients in Tertiary Hospital, Kathmandu 2075
26 7191 Bhomi, Srijana Awareness and Attitude on Expressed Breast Milk among Mothers Child Health Clinic of a Tertiary Hospital 2075
27 7192 Sharma,Sharmila Woman’s Autonomy and Maternal  Health Care Utilization in a Community of Dang District 2075
28 7193 Dahal, Tulasha Knowledge and Practice of Breastfeeding among the Mothers Attending Maternal Child Health Clinic of Eastern Region 2075
29 7194 Kafle , Sristy Association of Backpack Weight with Musculoskeletal Status among Adolescents of Selected Schools in Lalitpur 2075
30 7195 Adhikari, Shova Determinants of Cesarean Section among Women Admitted in Maternity Ward of a Tertiary Hospital, Kathmandu 2075
31 7198 Subedi, Pabitra Job Satisfaction Status among Bachelor Degree Nurses Working at a Tertiary Level Hospital, Kathmandu 2075
32 7199 Upadhyay, Radhika Mental Health Status and its Associated Factor among Higher Secondary Schools Students in Nawalparasi 2075
33 7200 Shrestha, Namita Awareness of Legal and Social Issues on Reproductive Health among Girls in a Higher Secondary School, Bhaktapur 2075
34 7201 Panthi, Mina Prevalence and Associated Factors of Tobacco Use among Higher Secondary School Students, Butwal, Rupandehi 2075
35 7202 Rawal, Prabha Lived Experiences of Mothers Having Children with Sickle Cell Disease in a Community of Banke 2075
36 7203 Acharya, Om Kumari Knowledge and Practice on Preventions among Diabetes Complications among Dibetic Patients in a Tertiary Hospital 2075
37 7204 Giri, Merina Awareness and Practice of Newborn Care among Postpartum Mothers Attending MCH Clinic of a Referral Hospital 2075
38 7205 Maharjan, Mankeshari Lived Experiences of Mothers with Leukemic Children Residing in Kathmandu 2075
39 7207 Bhele, Rajya Laxmi Maternal and Neonatal Outcome of Induction and Normal Lbour in Selected Hospitals, Kathmandu :A Comparative Study 2075
40 7208 Subedi, Sumina Health Status of Senior Citizens Residing in a Community of Kathmandu 2075
41 7533 Shakya, Rajina Perceived Illness And Treatment Adherence To Hypertension Among Patients Attending A Tertiary Level Hospital in Kathmandu 2076
42 7534 Luitel, Kopila Treatment Adherence Among Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Under Hemodialysis in Selected Hospitals of Kathmandu 2076
43 7535 Subedi, Binita Prevalence of Life Style Related Risk Factors of Non-communicable Diseases among Adults in Bharatpur Metropolitan City 2076
44 7536 Koirala, Pooja Functional Status of Senior Citizens of a Metropolitan City in Morang 2076
45 7537 Neupane, Kalpana Satisfaction Regarding Clinical Learning Environment among students in Selected Nursing Colleges, Kathmandu 2076
46 7538 Satyal (Dahal), Geeta K. Knowledge and Self-care Practice on Hypertension among Hypertensive Patients Attending in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Kathmandu 2076
47 7539 Deo, Renu Knowledge on Self Care Management Among Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Under Hemodialysis Attending in Selected Tertiary Hospitals, Kathmandu, 2076
48 7540 Pradhan, Mary Stress And Coping Among Parents Of Children with Cancer in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Kathmandu 2076
49 7541  Budhathoki, Babita, Health Related Quality of Life Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Attending in a Rheumatic Center, Lalitpur 2076
50 7542 Lamichhane, Narayani Childhood  Asthma And Its Associated Factors Among Children Attending a Tertiary Level Hospital , Kathmandu 2076
51 7543 Shrestha, Saraswati Knowledge And Attitude Regarding Palliative Care Among Nurses in aTertiary Hospital , Kathmandu 2076
52 7544 Bhujel, Bishnu Burden of Care Among Mothers Having Children with Thalassemia Attending in a Day Care Center ,Kathmandu 2076
53 7545 Adhikari, Shila Autonomy and Respect During Maternity Care Among Postnatal Mothers in a Tertiary Level Hospital. 2076
54 7546 Shrestha, Sapana Use of Contraceptive Methods Among Women Seeking Safe Abortion Services in a Family Planning Center, Kathmandu. 2076
55 7547 Neupaney, Rachita Knowledge and Practice Regarding Reproductive Health Among Young Married Women Residing in a Municipality. 2076
56 7548 Manandhar, Saraswati Perception of Husbands” Involvement During Childbirth in a Birthing Centre in a Tertiary Hospital of Kathmendu. 2076
57 7549 Limbu, Chandra Kala Perception of Postnatal Mothers Regarding Caesarean Section Delivery in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Kathmandu. 2076
58 7550 Bajracharya, Anju Menstrual Hygiene Practice Among Adolescent Girls in the Selected Public Schools, Lalitpur. 2076
59 7551 Khatri, Suja Burden of Care Among the Family Members of Mentally Ill Clients Attending a Tertiary Level Hospital, Lalitpur. 2076
60 7552 Maharjan, Sarita Knowledge and Attitude Towards Mental Illness Among Teachers of Selected Schools in Kathmandu. 2076
61 7553 Oli, Sita Health Seeking Behaviors for Mentally Ill Patients Among the Family Members Visiting a Tertiary Level Hospital in Kathmandu. 2076
62 7714 Samiksha Subedee Awareness and Practice Regarding Cardiovascular Health among Adults in a Municipality in Kathmandu District 2077
63 7715 Padma Bhatta Knowledge on Pre-conception Care among Bachelor Level Nursing Students of Selected Campuses in Bagmati Province 2077
64 7716 Bhawani Shahi Thakuri Awareness and Attitude of Dyslexia among Primary School Teachers, Lalitpur Municipality 2077
65 7717 Subhadra Khakurel Job Satisfaction among Nursing Faculty in selected Nursing Campuses, Nepal 2077
66 7718 Biva Shrestha Knowledge Attitude Practice  regarding Cervical Cancer Screening among  Married Women attending in a Tertiary Level Hospital 2077
67 7719 Uma Thapa Knowledge and Practice Regarding Body Mechanics among Nurses working in Critical Care Units in a Selected Hospital in Kathmandu 2077
68 7720 Mamta K.C. Knowledge and Practice regarding Antenatal Care among Pregnant Women Attending in a Government Hospital, Biratnagar 2077
69 7721 Ganga Keshari Koju Quality of Life of the Nurses Working in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Kathmandu 2077
70 7722 Urmila Prajapati Perception and Satisfaction Regarding Clinical Learning Environment among Undergraduate Nursing Students in Selected Nursing Campuses 2077
71 7723 Barsha Tamrakar Effectiveness of Foot Reflexology on Post-Operative Pain among Cesarean Mothers in Tertiary Level Hospital, Bagmati Province 2077
72 7724 Sita Katuwal Satisfaction of Women regarding Maternity  care during Childbirth in a District hospital, Lumbini, Province 2077
73 7725 Srijana Mainali Decision Making Status Regarding Antenatal Care among Women in an Outpatient Department of a Tertiary Level Hospital 2077
74 7726 Amrita Kumari Pun Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Anxiety Disorder Among Students of Selected School of a Municipality of Salyan District 2077
75 7727 Tika Rawat Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding Alcohol Use among Women in a Municipality of Bardiya District in Nepal 2077
76 7728 Sujita Kumari Kayastha Awareness Regarding Lithium Toxicity among the Caregivers of Mentally Ill Patients Attending in a Tertiary Level Mental Hospital of Bagmati Province 2077
77 7729 Jivika Sharma Quality of Life of the Patients using Psychotropic Drugs at A Tertiary Level Mental Hospital, Lalitpur, Nepal 2077
78 7730 Kushum Kunwar Relationship between Knowledge and Attitude regarding Pediatric Pain Management among Undergraduate Nursing Students of Selected Campuses in Bagmati Province 2077
79 7731 Rachana Shakya Awareness and Preventive Practice Regarding Osteoporosis among Women in a Community, Lalitpur 2077
80 7732 Rupa Lopchan Knowledge Regarding Developmental Milestones of Infant Among Mothers Attending A Selected Primary Health Care Center of Sunsari 2077
81 7733 Babita Regmi Knowledge And Adherence To weekly Iron And folic Acid Supplementation Among Adolescent Girls Of Selected Government Schools In Kathmandu 2077
82 7734 Amrita Pandeya Knowledge , Attitude And Practice of Mothers Regarding Oral Rehydration Solution And Zinc Therapy In Diarrhea At Tertiary Level Hospital of Kathmandu 2077
83 7963 Sapkota,  Durga Needs and Lived Experiences on Sexual and Reproductive Health Services among Women with Disability residing in Kathmandu Valley 2078
84 7964 Nai, Saraswati Perceived Burden of Care among Parents of Children with Sickle Cell Disease in a Hospital. 2078
85 7965 Pokharel , Sunita Knowledge Regarding Childhood Anemia among Mothers of under Five Children in a Maternal and Child Health Clinic 2078
86 7966 Lamsal, Eva Awareness of Mothers Regarding Health Promotional Activities of Preschool Age Children in A Hospital, Kathmandu 2078
87 7967  Munikar, Anita Perception of Nurses regarding Geriatric Care Environment in Selected Hospitals 2078
88 7968 Poudel,  Laxmi Attitude regarding Eating Disorders among Adolescents in Selected Schools 2078
89 7969 Bhattarai , Smritee Stress and Coping among Cancer Patients Attending in a Cancer Hospital 2078
90 7970 Pandey, Bishnu Awareness of Stroke among Adults in a Community 2078
91 7971 Chaudhary,  Sonam Lifestyle Profiles of Adolescents in Selected Government Schools of Birgunj Metropolitan City 2078
92 7972  Karki , Shiksha Perception of Body Image and its Associated Factors among Adolescents in Selected schools, Jhapa 2078
93 7973 Bhattarai,  Bhawana Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Contraceptive Methods Among Married Men of Selected Communities in Jhapa 2078
94 7974 Khatri ,  Pratima Psycho-social Wellbeing among Old Adult Patients admitted with Non-communicable Diseases in selected Hospitals 2078
95 7975  Chaudhary, Srijana Awareness and Practice on Reproductive Health Rights among Reproductive Age Women in Birgunj Metropolitan City 2078
96 7976 Shrestha , Anuma Utilization of Postpartum Family Planning Methods and its Associated Factors among Mothers Attending in a MCH Clinic 2078
97 7977 Sharma Bachkain , Ranjita Quality of Life among Adolescent Girls with Dysmenorrhea in Selected Public Schools in Tanahun District 2078
98 7978  Kaushal, Sabita Knowledge on Puerperal Sepsis among Hospitalized Postnatal Mothers in Butwal 2078
99 7979  Sapkota, Prakriti Quality of Life of Postmenopausal Women residing in a Semi-Urban Community in Kathmandu 2078
100 7980 Chand,  Meena Perceived Home Environment among Senior Citizens Residing in a Community 2078
101 7981  Dhakal , Sumitra Psychological Well-being among Adolescents in Selected Government Schools of Bardaghat Municipality 2078
102 7982 G C, Srijana Health Promotional Behaviour for Toddler among Mothers in a sub-urban Community 2078
103 7983 Poudel , Gita Knowledge and Attitude on Child Abuse among School Teachers in Selected Public Secondary Schools 2078
104 7984 Rijal , Srijana Expressed Emotion among Caregivers of Patients with Mental Illness in Selected Tertiary Level Hospitals 2078
105 7985 Gurung , Varsha Internet Addiction among Undergraduate Level Students of Selected Colleges 2078
106 7986 Pandit, Pooja Perceived Work Environment of Critical Care Nurses in Tertiary Level Hospitals 2078
107 7987 Shrestha, Anisha Experiences of Nurses Regarding Caring Behaviour in Intersive Care Unit 2078
108 7988 Karki, Lila Devi Self-Care Practice among Diabetic Patients Attending Selected Hospitals 2078
109 7989 Oli, Pabitra Awareness and Utilization of Family Planning among Women in a Community in Morang District 2078