Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal


Research Department


SN Name Topic year
1. Dr. Aditya   Singhal Comparison of operative time and postoperative outcomes in thyroid surgeries postoperative device and conventional diathermy dissection. 2018
2. Dr. Leison    Maharjan High- resolution computed tomography correlation with round window niche visibility via the facial recess during cochlear implant surgery in children 2018
3. Dr. Mukesh Kumar Sah Comparison of Intraoperative bleeding and early postoperative pain in ultrasonic device versus bipolar diathermy tonsillectomy in children. 2018
4. Dr. Nazeef Ibrahim Effect of tranxemic acid on peri and early postoperative bleeding in patients undergoing tonsillectomy. 2018
5. Dr. Subash Bhatta Effect in hearing following chemoradiation in head and neck carcinoma. 2018

Dr.Sushma Bhattachan

Comparison of outcomes between momentasone intranasal spray and oral montelukast in patients with allergic rhinitis. 2018
7. Dr. Dipendra Kasaudhan Comparison of efficacy of sublingual immunotherapy versus montelukast in patients with allergic rhinitis. 2019
8. Dr. Mahesh Pokhrel Parathyroid identification as a predictor of hypocalcemic symptoms in total thyroidectomies 2019
9. Dr.Rajat Agarwal Correlation of pre-operative temporal bone CT scan findings with intraoperative findings in chronic otitis media squamous type. 2019
10. Dr.Santosh Basnet Graft uptake and hearing status following transcanal endoscope versus microscope assisted underlay myringoplasty in children. 2019
11. Dr. Asmita Shrestha Correlation of status of mastoid with outcomes of myringoplasty with cortical mastoidectomy in chronic otitis media mucosal type with high risk perforation. 2020
12. Dr. Priyansha Silwal Correlation of diagnostic accuracy of contrast post-operative histopathology in detection of cervical lymph node metastasis in head and neck malignancies. 2020
13. Dr.Rajeev Mahaseth Comparison of effectiveness of conchopexy suture over bolgerisation in preventing middle turbinate lateralization in functional endoscopic sinus surgery. 2020
14. Dr.Sajish Khadgi Comparison of the outcomes of conventional septoplasty versus endoscopic septoplasty using fleer’s incision in symptomatic deviated nasal septum. 2020
15. Dr. Shuaya Rasheed Effect of adenotonsillectomy on otitis media with effusion in children. 2020
16. Dr.Vijay Bhushan Dutta Comparison of hearing outcome in malleostapedial rotation versus type III tympanoplasty in single stage canal wall down mastoidectomy. 2020
17. Dr.Nashmee Ali Resheed Comparison of outcome between superiorly based temporalis myofascial flap and inferiorily based fascial-periosteal flap in mastoid cavity obliteration. 2021
18. Dr.Ambalika Shakya Comparison of Graft Uptake hearing Result between cartilage rim Augmented Fascia and Temporalis Fascia Tympanoplasty. 2021
19. Dr.Ananda Karna Correlation of Thyroid imaging Reporting and date system on USG with Histopathology of Thyroid swellings in predicting risk of Malignancy. 2021
20. Dr.Hena Shadiya Comparison of Boomerang shaped chondro perichondrial graft with Temporalis fascia graft in type I Tympanoplasty In Children. 2021
21. Dr.Jeewan Baniya Comparative study of pre-operative oral calcium and vitamin ‘D’ Supplementation for prevention of Early Hypocalcaemia After Total Thyroidectomy. 2021
22. Dr.Kapil Shahi Comparison of Intraoperative Bleeding During Bilateral Endoscopic Sinus Surgery with or without Pterygopalatine Fossa Block. 2021
23. Dr.Poonam Aggarwal Comparison of Graft Uptake and Hearing Status Between Dry and Wet Temporalis Fascia in Underlay Myringoplasty in Adults. 2021
24. Dr.Rohita Bajracharya Comparison of Operative Time and Early Postoperative pain in Coblation Versus Bipolar Electrocautery Tonsillectomy in Children. 2021
25. Dr.Saurabh Gupta Comparison Study of Quality of Life Before and After Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Patients with Chronic Rhino sinusitis with or Without Nasal Polyposis. 2021
26. Dr.Malati  Dulal Prevalence of at-risk population for obstructive sleep apnea at TUTH using Berlin questionnaire and STOP-BANG questionnaire. 2022
27. Dr.Smriti Baidya Comparative Anthropometric Assessment Of Facial Asymmetry Between Patients With and without External Nasal Deformity 2022
28. Dr.Milan Sedhai Status of contralateral ear of patients with unilaterally symptomatic squamous type of chronic otitis media. 2022
29. Dr.Shisir Pokhrel Comparison of efficacy of Ringer’s lactate versus isotonic saline for nasal irrigation in the treatment of chronic rhino sinusitis using SNOT 22 2022
30. Dr.Subash Devkota Comparison of effectiveness of voice therapy with vocal hygiene alone in patients with vocal fold nodules. 2022
31. Dr.Bikash Gurung Comparison of cognition of elderly population of bilateral moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss with population of normal hearing for age 2022